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SeaWorld's Antartica: Empire of the Penguins

Added: Sep 12, 2013
Category: Orlando Theme Parks

SeaWorld's Antartica: Empire of the Penguins

We visited SeaWorld to see the new Antartica: Empire of the Penguins. We love penguins - they are so much fun to watch and now we can interact with them. And of course, in this sweltering summer heat, the place is a welcome frozen treat!

The rides features some animation as we follow a baby penguin around. It's quite the learning experience as well as being some fun. If you can work your way to the front of the crowd to see the penguins at several locations, it is such a blast. You kind of get lost in your world as you spend time watching the penguins in their world.

Empire of the Penguin SeaWorld - Orlando vacation rental homes

I saw kids and adults alike enjoying the experience. It's like a water ballet if you get to see a couple of penguins playing together in the water. For such ungainly creatures on land, these guys sure can swim fast!

When staying at one of our Orlando Vacation Rental Homes, be sure to get tickets for SeaWorld so you too can enjoy this frozen wonderland and leave with some great memories of the penguins!

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